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"Invisible Garden"


at Winzavod open space 

7 July 2020

Curated by Winzavod Open Studios

In invisible garden are You an Explorer?
Paths will lead You to marks on the ground with instructions,















Explore the garden or destroy it.

Map of Performance:

Work in two planes and two parts.
The first part is an open workflow wall which consists of  sketches on a wall, site plans, analytical diagrams, form search and sketching of tools for work on a performance.

The second part is a one day work with several bags of chalk, a spray tool on a large plane - which will take place in Winzavod yard.


The idea is based on anti-optimization of the main paths of  movement in space. The constructive - functional approach of the architect Moisey Ginzburg where he comes up with schemes for finding an optimal movement of inhabitants of an area is taken as a basis. In the work , the main motion vectors, called "islands" which are poured with chalk become obstacles to bypass.  Distances and “islands” will be given for a convenient exploration of the territory, not its direct overcoming. Will visitors cross borders of these islands or will they explore space along the path set by the artist?

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