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Curated by Lena Fadeeva

The act consists of 2 parts, where the first part is data collection,

guests sit down on a chair to pose for sketches of their 
facial features.

These elements are then transferred to the fabric, connecting with the other facial features of the guests, intertwining with each other and creating a “map”

of the project (its relief) "FACE FORMATION".

The output materials are also the sketches themselves created in the process of the performance.

Following the work at Fabula Gallery later I was invited to participate in collective exhibition "Post-truism" curated by Alena Alekseeva with same performance.


The second time I used a very long paper roll which was a center-piece of an exhibition. Using the same principle as before but different tools and materials (black paint instead of markers and thin paper instead of a thick fabric) I could elaborate the technique and see the clear algorithm of work just doing it and by going further.



I used only the first seconds of what I saw in the person's characteristic feature. Then it had to be polished and recycled into its primal individual formal idea, abstracted to its minimum. Then placed on the main roll (of paper or fabric) in context of other lines and forms. 


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