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Site-Specific VR installation with audio in Lyuda Gallery in Sankt Petersburg, made in context of an online TOK residency “Critical Mass”

2 min

March - June 2021

“Making architecture without an architect is the most interesting thing” F. Roche


The long seclusion within the walls of the house due to last year’s pandem - ic gave me a memory from my childhood. Still not knowing the laws and principles by which the building is being built, I listened to the wall in the room from which noises came, but for me they were signs of the presence of a whole living world located behind a flat surface, which could change according to the nature of these noises themselves.


My project is partly a visualization of children’s fantasy and partly specula - tive reflection on modern ideas of “algorithmic architecture” in which only sculpturing of form is often seen, although the idea itself, which has been actively developing since the 20s of the 20th century, suggests the opposite - identifying the form from the given parameters.

According to the key representatives of this trend (S. Price, F. Roche, N. Oksman), the essence of the architect is the ability to start a process that would not need the further participation of the author, but would continue to naturally evolve, following the mechanism of development or morphol - ogy of the form embedded in it


VR experience POINT ONE


Film about the installation

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